Music and Pictures and the Scout Hut 2

28 March 2009, 7pm - 11pm

songs from

his songs are fantastic. he has been compared to jeff lewis many many times. his music is beautiful and touching and a masterpiece. i read he toured with daniel johnston...

IAN HUMBERSTONE (tissø lake)he's planning a tour in april/may with a whole big band so we'll have him here again with any luck. we bought a mix tape from mathilde that featured him. his songs are totally charming.

TIGER & PANDAa couple of polite records knuckle heads

PERHAPS MORE STILL...+ art show from a bunch of bozos


free tea and cake as always, plus tonnes of great music, art and zines to buy, including the long overdue polite records volume 2 compilation, featuring songs by the likes of rozi plain, rachael dadd and more...


[Copied across from Henry's post on elan -Phil]

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