Spanner removed!

The problem with the shopping cart thing has been fixed, it was all down to silly old me deleting things that shouldn't have been deleted. It does mean that there is now a huge gap at the bottom of every post with a paypal link in, but I'm happy to live with that if you are...

I've also found a few copies of Sun's brilliant 'Spanish Tiles EP' and Olly's incredible 'Light Out!' EP so have put those up, although I'm pretty sure that once they're gone they'll be gone for good.

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  1. Hi Phil! Sorry to more or less spam this comment section, but I would like to read your dissertation called "'Identity and Fiction: Philosophical Aspects of William Gibson's Cyberpunk Trilogy". Is this still possible? "http://www.politerecords.co.uk/Dissertation.pdf" doesn't seem to work.